Thursday, August 30, 2012

Working on name writing

The first intervention group I pull is for writing names.  Right now, my grade level team is in the process of testing, so this is just temporary.  Here is an example of what our intervention groups will eventually cover, once we get a clear picture of what our students' needs are.

I am also including a homework schedule for name-writing practice.  I'm hoping it will get the parents involved.  It's also an opportunity to introduce myself to families, since I am not their classroom teacher.
I left the signature space open because I thought it would be SO adorable to have the little-learners sign their own name.  We'll see how it works tomorrow!

I'd be happy to share both of these documents.  They are up on google docs, but if you would like an "editable" version, please send me a message and I will email it to you.


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