Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday's Must-Have

I love singing with children.  It's something I look forward to everyday.  Music is a powerful learning tool.  Singing goes beyond helping children remember new information.  It builds a real sense of togetherness in the classroom.  The kids smile and look at one another during song time.  It makes them love learning and each other!
In the beginning of every school year, I start each day with a special letter song.  You can find it on Jack Hartmann's CD Shake, Rattle and Read.  The title is Learning Letter Sounds.  The song can also be found on the Learning Rocks Reading Skills DVD.


What makes this song so special is that you can purchase an ABC chart that goes along with the lyrics of the song.  What I've done is made individual copies for each child.  Take a look at one of my little learners practicing her letters and sounds using the song and chart.

If this has sparked your interest, please click below...

Enter the code PRIMARY12 at checkout for 20% off your purchase.  Be sure to use all uppercase letters.  

Thank you Mr. Hartmann for your music!


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