Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Teaching Rules in Kindergarten

I like to introduce the word "rules" to the children with this quick video. Every time we hear the word rules, we put a thumbs up.  Following the video, I like to create a quick list of rules for a fun activity.  An example-  using bean bags.  Write a list of rules and see how well the children can follow them.  To summarize the activity, the children can state the school rules or talk about why we have rules at school.    

Florida teachers!  This is one of the domains on your FLKRS checklist!  Take this time to observe if children know the school rules.

Here is another activity to do as a follow up lesson.  The children can trace the word rules and  draw a picture of how they follow school rules.


Monika Dapcic said...

Super cute writing paper! How fun!

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