Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wild about Word Walls!

Today I'd like to share some examples of word walls. We use word walls to display sight words we are teaching in reading and writing. Word walls are a great resource for children during centers and writing time. Integrating your word wall into your instruction is a wonderful way to teach children how to use a word wall to become better readers and writers.    
Writing Center Word Wall

Using names to introduce word wall                

Here are some great examples of word walls that I found on Pinterest.

Some word-wall reminders...

~Location, location!  Keep your word wall in a place the children will see it.  The words should be large enough to see from their tables or literacy centers.

~Keep it simple!  TOO much color and pattern might take away from displaying the words clearly.

~You can have more than one word wall.  An example is a math word-wall.  This is used to display math vocabulary.  Keep your word-walls purposeful.  They should never be just a decoration.

~Refer to your word-wall often in your teaching.  Teach and re-teach how to find words on the word wall.  Always connect it to real reading and writing!

~Introduce your word wall by displaying student pictures and names under each letter.  You can also put examples of environmental print on your word wall.

Already have a word wall in place?  Here is a great way to get some extra use from a door in your classroom!   Make it a class project by having your students bring in environmental print from home.


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