Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A few pointers ... on POINTERS!

Pointers are a great resource for beginning readers.  The purpose of pointers is to help children to look at print.  They also help "train" little eyes to look at letters and words.  As they begin to learn more about letters and words, they start to notice more features on their own.  In the beginning it's the teacher who demonstrates the correct way to use a pointer to look at letters and words.

Ms. Hunter has a ton of fun pointers in her classroom.  Look what I found when she wasn't looking!

Who wouldn't want to "point and read" using these fancy pointers!

Here's a great idea from Dr. Jean called the Magic Paintbrush – Give students a clean paintbrush and ask them to “paint” details in a book.  “Who can paint the word "A"?”   “Who can paint what the giraffe is eating?” 

If you have some extra popsicle sticks, you can make super cute pointers by adding stickers or any other interesting objects (google-eyes!!) to one end of the stick.  This one is a class favorite!

I can't wait to make these pointers for my little learners this year.  I found this idea on Pinterst.

Adventures in Teaching

I found these stirring sticks a few years ago.  The kids are really attracted to the colors and they are so easy for their little hands to manipulate.

Try decorating a paint stirrer.  Walmart is happy to share!  This works great for larger print.

I'd love to see your creative ideas for pointers.  Comment below to share your favorite pointer designs!  


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