Friday, August 10, 2012

Common Core training with some old and new friends!

Today I had the pleasure of attending a great training on the Common Core State Standards for English and Language Arts.  Our fantastic presentor, Danielle V. helped us wrap our kindergarten teacher heads around the new standards and what that means for teaching and learning in kindergarten.  This graphic organizer was a great place to start.

Thank-you Rachel Powers for this wonderful visual.  It is a great way to help teachers understand the framework of CCSS for ELA.  Yes, after this training, I can now use those acronyms correctly!

Here is the attempt I made at the training to make my own framework...  it helped me understand where the foundational skills fall within the standards.  Take a look K-1-2 teachers, we teach all those PLUS more!

Three important things I HAVE to remember from today's training.

Look how much I learned today!


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