Saturday, May 11, 2013

Working with Bzzzzy-Bees!

This is what my busy bees were working on this week at the Making Words Center.  Come by my TpT store and download the preview to get your own set of short e word builders.  

Click here to download the preview!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Kindergarten INSECT research! Come and get a template!

 I am SO proud of my kinder-crew!  Their writing is just amazing!  Not only can they write sentences that are grammatically correct, BUT they can add details from their own research.  WOW!
We used World Book Online to conduct our research.  It's called Early World of Learning and is an awesome resource to have.  Talk to your media or tech specialist to purchase a license for YOUR school!

The question we used to guide our research came from our MMH reading series.  The question is "What are some interesting insects?"  Our note-taking template was super-simple to create.  We just used some legal-sized paper and 3 post-its.  Once we gathered our information, we wrote sentences to tell about our interesting insects.  Our rule for sentences?  Write a 3 star sentence!
1.  Start with a capital letter.  2.  Use spaces between words.  3.  End with a period.  

Want a pre-made template?  
Click here to access a freebie from my TpT store

The following day, I read aloud the guided reader My Caterpillar Report.  Using this book as a model, we created a list to show what needs to be included in an insect report.

And finally, our final product!  My school has a wonderful die-cut machine so the booklets we made came out super cute...  take a look!

Click on the picture above to get your OWN copy of the
Insect Report template!
Go, Ibrahim, go!  

Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week

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