Saturday, November 24, 2012

Updated Kindergarten Websites!

Thank-you Ms. Hunter for your help with my Kindergarten Websites page!  Kindergarten families, please take a look.  You will find many of the on-line games and activities we use at school.

Monday, November 12, 2012

A tisket, a tasket... and homework FAQs!

Today, I finally did an activity from the book, I Love Letters by Dr. Jean.   I have had this book for almost 2 years, read it front to back, but haven't found the time to use it.  This school year-  especially after today's reaction-  I'm making it a priority!  The activity is so simple, and the kids did not want to stop practicing naming letters.  Unfortunately, they wouldn't stop singing the song either!  We  drove the teachers next door "bonkers"... but they were very forgiving!

The children sit in a circle as you walk around holding a basket of magnetic letters or letter cards  saying the rhyme (I sang it to the tune "It's Raining, It's Pouring")

A tisket, a tasket
There are letters in my basket.
I'll drop one behind a friend
And see if they can name it!

When the child gets a letter they pick it up and name it.  The activity naturally extended itself into a "making words" activity.  I passed out certain letters to form sight words.  Next time I will plan to have more letters on hand to make more sight words!  The kids just loved it!

To find more quick and enjoyable letter-naming activities, pick up the book I Love Letters!  -OR- just drop by Dr. Jean's website or blog.  She has a ton of resources available!

Kindergarten families...

Here are some FAQs that will (hopefully) help you out with your little learners homework this week.  

Do I return sight word and ABC folders to school everyday?  
NO.  Homework folders are due every Friday.  If you do finish homework early, please keep folder in backpack.  I will collect any work on Friday.
Calendar folders should be returned daily!

Can my child bring home more books?  
Your child will have the opportunity to take home more books very soon!  Right now I am checking for (and teaching) responsible book handling.  Please reinforce this at home.  Teach your child to keep borrowed books on the table away from food and drink, away from pets, and out of the hands of our little baby learners at home (unless they are closely supervised).  
In time, your child can bring home a new book every night!

My child can't read the book he/she brought home.  What should I do?
The books your child brings home are self-selected.  The purpose of this is motivation and reading enjoyment.  It's OK if they can't read every word.  Right now I would just like to build enjoyable reading experiences at home where the adult does most of the reading work.  
To involve your child more, he/she can point to the words, turn pages and point out letters or sight words that they do know!   As we begin reading more books together, your child will be bringing home text they can read independently.   I will also begin teaching children how to pick out books that are just right for their reading level!

What do I do with the math journals?
Math journals are returned every Friday along with any other homework.

My child enjoys doing the sight word and ABC homework activities.  Can they do an activity everyday?
Yes!  The homework schedule calls  for one activity a week, but  I would encourage you to practice daily.  Please see schedule here.  The homework activities are meant to be "self-pacing" so if your child wants to do more PLEASE DO!  Our volunteer will be checking their progress weekly.  We will be able to add more activities based on the progress they make in naming letters and reading sight words. 

Any other questions?  Please leave a comment or contact me at

Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's getting there...

Our classroom is finally coming together for our new kindergarten class.  The only thing missing?  18 little learners!
Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Breakfast goodies!

Starting next week Watergrass Elementary will be opening up a BRAND NEW kindergarten class!  On Friday, I had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful kindergarten parents.  While I had every intention of taking lots and lots of pictures to capture our first event together... I only got one.  Next time I'll be sure to have a "photographer" working the event!

Thank-you so much kindergarten families for supporting your child's transition to a new classroom!  AND thank you Ms. Hunter, Mrs. Barinas, Mrs. Perez, Mrs. Plummer and Ms. Smith for helping me transition to a new classroom too!