Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pinterest inspired owl

This is the sweetest little bookmark I found on Pinterest BUT without a tutorial.  Today I decided to give it a try.

Materials-  Assorted colors of felt, stiff white felt for backing, ribbon, coordinating thread, craft glue and black puffy paint.

Step 1:  I made my own pattern out of cardboard and traced it onto the stiff white felt (I'm sure there is a specific name for this felt-  please tell me if you know!).  It might be easier to find a cute owl template to trace.  Google it!

Step 2:  Layer a piece of colored felt and cut around the backing.  It sticks a bit, so its an easy cutting job.

Step 3:  Layer and cut a smaller piece for the bottom of your owl.

 Step 4:  Sew, sew, sew.  

I sewed the ribbon in between the two layers of felt so there would be a nice smooth line.

Step 5:  Cut out the heart beak and eyes.  The eyes were the hardest part!  I should have made a pattern to trace AND made the eyes bigger, but it works.  The heart is super easy if you cut it from one of the corners of the felt.  Use craft glue to make a sweet owl face.

Step 6:  Use puffy paint to finish the eyes.  Black felt would look nice too, but I had NO luck cutting out circles today!  It looks like there is a circle to finish the top of the ribbon too!  I'll think about adding that later :)

Hmmmm....  I wonder "Whooooo" I'll surprise with a bookmark on our first day back to school...


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