Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wacky Owl Coloring

This is a book I used last year for morning seat-work during the first week of school.  The children would come in, put their backpacks and lunch boxes away and start coloring a page in their book. The only problem I ran into is some of the extra-motivated children chose to color every page in just one sitting.

 This year I plan on using the Wacky Owl Book as a center activity. Each day the children can use a different "medium" to decorate their owl(crayon, markers, color-pencil, glue-on buttons or sequins and water-color).

I also have one book basket at each table with books I've selected for the first week of school. I like to have one basket with animal books, one with ABC books, school books and picture/word books. It's so important that the children are within an arm's reach of a book. It also gives me the opportunity to observe children's book handling skills and concepts of print.

See on-line resources below on Concepts of Print.  Florida teachers! This is a perfect opportunity to take out your FLKRS checklist.  


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