Kinder-writing is a weekly sharing of our best writing with our friends in Mrs. Dapcic's class!  On Fridays, we will be reaching out to the little learners at Richey Elementary School via Skype to enrich our newest authors' writing skills!

Our first task is sentence writing.  In kindergarten we like to teach the children rules to beginning sentence writing...  we will start with 3 star sentences!

Mrs. Dapcic and I will be looking for 3 star sentences in many different types of writing.  The types of writing we do in kindergarten are:
  • Writing to express an opinion about a book.
  • Writing to explain-  whether it be a personal experience or something new we learned from a book.
  • Writing to show what we know or learned from an activity, lesson or independent literacy center.  We like to call this summarizing!


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