Friday, August 17, 2012

A little ribbon and glitter...

... is all you need to make your classroom fun and fancy for the first day of school!  Today a friend asked me to "fancify" her READ sign.

After some brainstorming between Mrs. Mack and Ms. Hunter we decided on hanging the owls on ribbon with clothespins.

It's a good thing Michael's recently stocked up on ribbon!  Take a look at all the choices we have!  

I've been dying to do a Mod-Podge glitter project, soooo...  it's time to make these clothespins sparkle!

After looking up a few tutorials on Pinterest, I combined glitter and Mod-Podge to make this icky, goopy mess.

I applied a thick layer of the glitter mixture with a sponge brush.  I let it dry and applied another generous coat.

Once dried, I sprayed them with Mod Podge clear acrylic sealer.  

A bit messy but SO shiny!  Yes that's a Command damage free hook... not sure how it will turn out.

I attached the owls to a bit of ribbon using the glitter clothespins...  here's the finished product!  The ribbon has a simple ABC design.

 Thanks Mrs. Mack for letting me have fun with your owls!  I'm glad you were happy with the end result.  To find out more about Mrs. Mack's first grade class, click here.


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