Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Working with letters

I kind of stole this idea from Ms. Hunter (ok, so she does this with environmental print).  The students I work with are learning the letters in their names along with all the other letters of the alphabet.  I am using this chart to encourage children to connect the letters they are learning about in school are the same letters they use to write their names.  Take a look!

Once they have mastered the letters in their names, I might make some adjustments to the chart.  Maybe keep it as a visual of what letter each student is working on for the week OR a letter they have mastered.  Do you have an idea for this chart?  Let me know!

Here are some more ideas I've been collecting on Pinterest to help the children learn their letters.  I want the activities to be meaningful and enable the children to connect their learning in class with the work they do with me.  My hope is that they will start making connections soon that they carry back to class with them.


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