Wednesday, September 19, 2012

More ABC books and pockets!

I dug out my Dinah Zike book, Foldables and VKV's for Phonics, Spelling and Vocabulary---AND--- oh my goodness, there are a TON of super cute and fancy foldables to incorporate into your teaching.

Here are two of my favorites...

Accordion fold pockets made of poster board-  embellished with cute 
duct tape (yes, I spelled it duck tape the first time, I'm sure I will hear it from my principal tomorrow)!

I can't wait to use this ABC book!  Once complete, I plan on sending it home with my little-learners so they can show off all they have learned! 

Our first activity to go along with this book is putting children's     
                                                           pictures in the pocket that goes along with the first letter of their name.

Do you start teaching the alphabet with the first letter of a child's name?  Have you ever wondered why we teach the letters in a certain order?  Here is a very informative and super short article about learning the alphabet.  Thanks Reading Rockets for your insights!


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