Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday's Must Have... Awesome Anchor Charts!

Anchor charts for reader's workshop in first grade

The picture above shows my first attempt at anchor charts...  I first learned of anchor charts after reading the Debbie Miller book, Reading with Meaning.  The purpose of anchor charts go well beyond creating a print rich environment,   "(making) our thinking permanent and visible..."(Miller 57).  Charts also "serve as a reminder for students...  to be referred to during later mini-lessons" (Avery 374).  Carol Avery goes on to say that "charts...  will be meaningful".  Teachers create charts with clear goals in mind.  As a visual, reminder and a reference for future learning activities.  

Avery, Carol.  1993.  ... And With a Light Touch.  NH:  Heinemann.

Miller, Debbie.  2002.  Reading with Meaning.  Maine:  Stenhouse.

Here are some ideas for anchor charts you can create to support the little learners in your classroom!    

Mrs. Armstrong's writing center
Mrs. Kiefer's writing center
From Ms. Hunter's classroom!

This blog is great for creating anchor charts...  go see it now!
For b/d reversals... I really like this!  Thanks for sharing Ms. Hunter!


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