Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday's Must Have... an ABC File!

I like to create alphabet books with my little learners who are struggling with learning their letter names.   To save copies (not because I'm going green, I'm just totally out for the month) I decided to make some DIY alphabet files!

I used legal sized paper donated from last year.  We have a ton of this stuff lying around! 

I folded 8 sheets of paper in half.

Staple, staple, staple...

Add a cute cover.  It's not lined up perfectly, but the file folders are a bit difficult to work with.  They are leftovers from our beginning of the year FLKRS assessment.

Stamp, stamp, stamp!  I used my favorite sound stampers from Really Good Stuff.   NOT for sounds but for a place to write the upper case and lower case letters.  I got the idea for this from Pinterest.  I thought the stamps looked much neater than just drawing boxes.  You can find the original here.

The children will also be using Alphabet Picture Stickers from Lakeshore to add a picture for letter- sound correspondence.  I love these stickers!  A bit pricey, but a good investment for each school year.  I also want to add a pocket in the front for either a pointer or to store their letter stickers.  

If I have succes with this ABC File, I plan on making a Sound-Box File for phonemic awareness and phonics interventions.  


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