Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Give me 5!

I made up this practice page this morning to go along with yesterday's post.  If you are out of copies, you can practice the same concept using stickers or stamps.

You can also show the children how to find sets of 5 by using a different color for each set.  This will help them see the sets more clearly.

If you use stickers or stamps, caution the children to put spaces in between them, so it is easier to count-  or you can just let them go for it, then lead them through the problem solving process when it's time to count sets of 5.  It's interesting to see each child do this activity, they each approach it differently.  You will see some children circle each individual circle or sticker instead of circling the total set.  If you see children doing this, show them how to draw a BIG circle around the 5 objects.  They might not understand the concept of a set.  Some children might count while they are putting objects on the paper.  You will see them either loose their spot, or not know what number comes next.  Talk to them about counting 5, circling 5 then starting again.  You can help them count the BIG number when they are done!

The bubble clipart is from Lettering Delights.  When you set up an account you get a few sets of clip-art and fonts for free.  It is called Banner Day Fun.


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