Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday's Must Have... introducing a new letter!

Oh my goodness, we have been working on the letters A and M for soooooo long.  I'm so glad we are ready to move on to the letter S!

Today I did a lot of tactile activities to introduce the letter S.  My goal is to have the children remember the name and shape of the letter and connect it to something meaningful and memorable.

One of my boys showed everyone in his group how to transfer a stamp on your hand to your forehead...  I had 6 children with forehead stamps.   I hope the ink washes out!

It's important to connect these activities to real reading and writing.  I like to follow each tactile/physical activity with either a read-aloud that supports the letter we are working on or a written response.  Take the time to make these fun and cutesy activities meaningful for reading and writing and not just random tasks!

Of course every new letter should be introduced with a fun video or song...  here are some superb suggestions for the letter S!

This one is Mrs. Plummer's favorite...  hehehe, she always hears the best videos during her lunch break!

The video pod-casts created by Hooked on Phonics are great!  They are available on YouTube and on iTunes...  totally free!

I love Sesame Street!  I am so glad we have access to them now.  What did we ever do before YouTube?


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