Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Must Have... Jack Hartmann Giveaway!

Time for my very first giveaway!  

Kindergarten teachers, how much do you love Jack Hartmann's music?!  Show your love by checking out his music and DVDs on the Hop 2 It Music website or Facebook page.  Your task-  leave me a comment letting me know that you paid a visit to either his website or Facebook page.    Please include your email with your comment!  

I will be drawing a name on Sunday, October 7.  

The giveaway is one of my favorite CDs...  Shake, Rattle and Read along with a poster sized ABC chart.

Good luck!  

Here are some extra goodies from Mr. Hartmann's YouTube channel!


Monika Dapcic said...

Jack Hartmans show is my favorite field trip every year! I've been taking my class for 6 years!

Connie said...

I so love Jack Hartmans music. I use some of his cds in the classrooms and my students love it.

caroline said...

Love, love Jack Hartman! Wish he'd come out west for a concert!!

Jessica said...

Hi, I love the many resources that seek to integrate the arts into the curriculum, especially Mr. Hartmann. I teach music in early childhood, along with elementary reading, and I love using his stuff!


Ryan Hunter said...

I LOVE Jack Hartmann. I hope we get to see his show this year!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the kind words and support. This is why I make the music. Also, I wanted to let everyone one know that if they can't make it to a concert, I do "in-school" shows all over the country as well. This school year is filling up fast, but you can email for more information.

Lori Martin said...

I LOVE Jack Hartmann.

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