Friday, March 1, 2013

Map and Chat! Our first Social-Studies Share

Our little-learners had a blast sharing their maps today.  I was so impressed with the kiddos participation and enthusiasm.  Boy, can they talk!    Thank you so much kindergarten families for supporting your child's learning!  I know it was an extra assignment for you too!  I am happy everyone got to participate.

Teacher friends!  Click on the picture below for a sample parent letter and rubric for your own Social-Studies Share.  Come back soon...  I will be posting on different ways to group your little learners to get the most out of "class chat" time!


Teresa said...

I can't imagine my kids having maps at home- is it fair to penalize children whose parents use GPS or mapquest?

Julie Michele said...

Don't worry Teresa! All the children had the option of making one... my favorite ones were the maps they drew themselves- hehehe, I have very talented parents too! I love that they worked together to create something!

Julie Michele said...

P.S. a lot of children printed one from their home computers too!

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