Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cookin' up some counting plus a freebie!

This week in math, we began working on the number 20.  To introduce the number, we got out the Play-doh and made up some chocolate chip cookies!  The children were given directions to make 4 cookies.  When it was time to add the chocolate chips I gave different directions to each group:

1.  Put five chocolate-chips in the first cookie.  Put the same number in the other cookies.

2.  Make 20 chocolate chips, split them evenly between each cookie.  The number in each cookie should be the same.
3.  Add chocolate chips to your cookies so the total number is 20, and each cookie has the same number of chocolate chips.

The children took many different approaches to their cookie-making!   I extended the lesson to include counting sets of 5 to 10 and to 20 and in some cases, 35.  Wow!  That's a lot of chocolate chips!

The children LOVED this activity, so I will be putting it in centers next week.  To summarize their learning, they will be completing a Show What You Know activity page.  Here it is for you!

Click here to download.


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