Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's time for the FAIR!

Kindergarten Families!

Throughout the next two weeks your child will be participating in FAIR testing.  Please take a look at the FAQ's below to see what FAIR means for you and your child.

1.  What is FAIR?  
The FAIR is a state-wide assessment for grades K-3.  It stands for Florida Assessments for Instruction in reading.  The FAIR is given 3 times throughout the year.  The purpose of the FAIR is to screen, diagnose and plan for reading instruction.  It is just one of the many measures teachers use to see the progress in their students' learning and plan for future instruction. 

2.  What kind of assessments are included in FAIR?
In kindergarten, the FAIR assessments include Letter Name and Sounds, Phonemic Awareness, Listening Comprehension and Vocabulary.   The last FAIR assessment (in April) will include Sight Word Reading and Reading Comprehension.  The assessments are done in a one-to-one setting and take from 5-10 minutes to complete.  

3.  When will parents be notified of student results?
All kindergarten families will be getting a letter that will help parents support their child's growth in reading based on their child's assessment results.  
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Specific results can be obtained by scheduling a conference in person or over the phone.   Please email me to schedule a time to meet!


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